Release Notes

Updated: 5/17/2024

5/17/2024: Custom Print with Width and Height Calculator Function

We've streamlined the custom printing items with our new hassle-free custom size calculator. Now, on every custom printing item page, you have the option to input your preferred width and height along with the quantity you desire. Our system will then automatically calculate and autofill the square footage quantity for you, saving you time and effort. Enjoy a smoother, more efficient printing experience with our intuitive calculator feature.

4/1/2024: Individual Contact Online Shopping Carts

Implenting a new way to streamline the ordering process for larger sales teams. Shopping carts can now be assigned to individual contacts within your company account, allowing separte orders from being placed and quoted simultaneously. Contact our Customer service team to allow verfied contacts access to your company account.

3/4/2024: New Landing Page

Discover a sleek megamenu for seamless navigation effortlessly, check pending order alert feature, locate new items with ease, explore improved custom order forms for large quantities and custom frames, and much more!

8/14/2023: Graphic Order List Page (My Account Section)

Experience efficiency with our enhanced Graphic Order List page. Now featuring intuitive action buttons – Upload & Proof Ready – managing your orders is a breeze. Streamline your workflow, from uploading files to confirming readiness and approval. Simplify your experience and take control of your graphics orders with ease.

8/14/2023: Graphic Proof Sheet with your logo (My Account Section)

Elevate your customers experience by using our Custom Graphic Proof Sheet. We hope that this new feature will help your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression.

8/10/2023: Address Validation Feature on the Checkout Page

Streamline your checkout experience with our Address Validation feature. The feature ensures accurate addresses in real-time, reducing shipping issues, and enhance customer satisfaction.

4/20/2023: Introducing One Page Checkout Feature

Discover the future of hassle-free shopping with our One Page Checkout feature. No more navigating through multiple steps – now you can review your cart, enter your information, and finalize your purchase, all on a single page. Enjoy a seamless and time-saving shopping experience with our convenient One Page Checkout.

3/25/2023: Upgraded the Quick Proof Process V2

Experience a quicker proofing process with our upgraded system. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to efficiency. Enjoy swift and seamless validations, ensuring your projects move forward with speed and precision. Upgraded for your success.